6th Licence Round Blocks

GeoPartners are the official data brokers for Mozambique Seismic Data

Shapefiles and spec sheets are availbe for all surveys, just fill in your details on the Contact page

An example Spec Sheet for the RB14 3D Survey can be downloaded here.

Rovuma Basin Blocks

Angoche and Zambezi Blocks

GeoPartners are able to license multi-client INP Legacy seismic data to companies that are looking to explore both offshore and onshore Mozambique to build upon on previous exploration.


There are a number of different vintages available to license acquired in the early-90s through to modern datasets. GeoPartners have reconditioned and merged a number of the different vintages to reveal valuable new play concepts.

Further information

The data locations are shown on the data page, for futher information complete your details on the contact us page to obtain the spec sheets, shapefiles and arrange follow up data review sessions.