6th Licence Round Block AWARDS

In response to the License Round, INP received and evaluated six (6) proposals, distributed across an equal number of areas.

The Government of Mozambique, through the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, has published the results of the Bidding, which can be consulted in the PRESS RELEASE.


 Region Area  Winner (Operator) 
 Angoche  Área A6-C  Eni Mozambico S.p.A
 Angoche  Área A6-D  CNOOC Hong Kong Holding Ltd
 Angoche  Área A6-E  CNOOC Hong Kong Holding Ltd
 Angoche  Área A6-G  CNOOC Hong Kong Holding Ltd
 Save  Área S6-A  CNOOC Hong Kong Holding Ltd
 Save  Área S6-B  CNOOC Hong Kong Holding Ltd

GeoPartners are able to license multi-client INP Legacy seismic data to companies that are looking to explore both offshore and onshore Mozambique to build upon on previous exploration.